Nevada-based stand up comedian Marc Yaffee has announced that he will produce & co-host a new podcast called “How Does That Happen?” spotlighting weird, obscure record holders.

Marc Yaffee developed the How Does That Happen? podcast in late 2018. How Does That Happen? came about from Marc’s fascination with people driven to seek out or survive record-breaking behaviors that most people would never even imagine existed.

Comedians Dave Mencarelli (left) & Marc Yaffee (right)

About the Podcast

How Does That Happen spotlights not only the craziest record holders but  wannabe-record holders and should-be record holders. Co-hosts Marc Yaffee and Dave Mencarelli interview men and women who’ve claimed some of the most unusual records and highlight people whose “achievements” aren’t in any record books but should be.

All in all, the podcast will spotlight a vast array of interesting oddballs and obscure over-achievers. Marc Yaffee claims he already has a solid lineup of interesting and amusing guests to interview.

Guests will include a comedian who performed stand-up comedy for over 1,000 consecutive days, a female competitive eating champion, a man trying to become the worst rated Uber driver, and more. In Marc Yaffee’s words, “the How Does That Happen? podcast features two regular guys interviewing some not-so-regular people.

Listen to “How Does That Happen?”

For now, Marc told MatterHorn that his podcast will be hosted on his own site as well as a number of free streaming services including iTunes, Stitcher, and TuneIn.

Yaffee told MatterHorn he is shooting for a February 2019 release date for the first episode of the podcast. Make sure to check it out!