RENO, NV – Early Tuesday morning, a local Reno-based law firm filed an astonishing $65,000,000 class-action lawsuit against The Burning Man Project; the non-profit organization that produces the annual Burning Man festival. The claim was spearheaded on behalf of 63-year-old virgin Burning Man attendee Karan Harvey.

Harvey claims that she and her campmates all developed a devastating cough while attending the festival. Consequently, she was not only unable to enjoy the event but was forced to consume the case of bottled water she brought within the first day. Then, she had no other option but to beg her fellow attendees for water and cough drops. This, she claims, caused her severe pain and suffering.

Plaintiff Karen Harvey
Plaintiff Karen Harvey

“Do you know how embarrassing it was to have to ask a bunch of dirty strangers for water,” remarked Harvey. “I was mortified. My reputation has been blemished forever, and I’ll likely have to seek long term therapy to address what happened last week. It’s something I hope and pray no other person will ever have to endure again.”

Apparently, after returning home on Monday, Harvey contacted the law firm of Lipschitz, Weiner & Weinstein to discuss her legal options. Noting that her cough had not yet gone away upon her return to Reno, she and 3 of her other campmates checked themselves into Renown Regional Medical Center where they were all diagnosed with acute Playa Lung.

“It was at that moment I knew I had to do something,” said Harvey. “If the four of us have suffered irreversible damage after just one week, imagine the thousands of others suffering in silence. I’m doing this to protect my friends and to stand for those who don’t have a voice.”

Aerial View of 2019 Burning Man Festival
Aerial View of 2019 Burning Man Festival

The suit claims that The Burning Man Project willfully and knowingly failed to provide adequate dust control which lead to the plaintiff and her party suffering severe lung damage, alkaline burns to the esophagus, and the formation of tonsil stones. Additionally, the suit purports that the Bureau of Land Management may also be held responsible for allowing the event to occur in the first place. Finally, Harvey included a separate $20,000,000 claim of pain and suffering due to the humiliation she suffered begging for water.

As of 11:45 AM, representatives from Burning Man and the BLM have not yet responded to the claims and could not be reached for comment.

Shlomo Weiner
Shlomo Weiner, Attorney at Law

“They knew the risks. They knew the consequences of continued exposure. They knew how deadly Playa dust was. Hell, they’ve known for over a quarter-century. And they did nothing to prepare or put preventative measures into place,” remarked attorney Shlomo Weiner. “This is classic textbook negligence. They didn’t care who they harmed, so long as the profits kept flowing in. Well this year, we say ‘no more’. It’s the little guy’s turn now.”

What Can I Do?

If you or a loved one have attended the Burning Man festival in the past and have developed Playa Lung, you may be entitled to compensation. You are urged to contact The Lawfirm of Lipschitz, Weiner & Weinstein for more information on the class action suit. Their law firm can be reached by phone at (800) 867-5309 or by emailing the office at