A local Washington man was stunned to learn that the film, “Babe: Pig in the City” was not about a police officer.

Nathaniel Smith was digging through a box of old VHS tapes in his attic when he says he came across a loose tape he had never watched before. “I found the family’s old VCR. I found some tapes and there’s this loose tape with no cover called, Babe: Pig in the City. And I’m like, ‘Why would they name a police officer ‘Babe’?”

Smith says he’d never seen or heard of the movie and thought I was about a police officer in a big city. Much to his surprise, it was about a cute farm pig named Babe who leaves the farm. “I put the tape in and I’m watching this and I’m thinking to myself, ‘When does the cop show up in the story?’ And then it dawns on me that this shit ain’t about a cop but just a damn pig.”

He says he sat through the entire movie, and while it was somewhat entertaining, it wasn’t what he expects and he was a little disappointed. “I mean when I hear the word pig I don’t think about farm animals. I think about cops, ya know? And I put this VHS tape in and suddenly I’m watching this family-friendly movie about a farm animal. They really should have called it Hog in the City

Babe Pig in the City

Civic Duty

Since watching the film, Smith says he’s since been going to sites like IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes. While there, he has taken to posting reviews of the movie and letting people know the title is misleading. “I just kept thinking about how this totally wasn’t what I expected. Like any reasonable person, I decided to go bitch online. My reviews may save other people who might be in the same situation.”

At this time, Universal Pictures, the distributor of the film, has not replied to any of our requests for comment.