Dear Emily,

If I am bathed, in sweats, and put on a sports bra, does this constitute being dressed for the day? Do I still need to brush my teeth?

Dreadfully Dressed


Dear Dreadfully Dressed,

Unless you are only wearing your birthday suit, you are dressed. For the day, the next couple of days, hell, you could even be dressed for the entire week! Who’s counting?

Some people might not want to see you in person wearing that selection of garments. However, I would safely assume that most people, myself included, are wearing some combination of similar items because we are in fact not seeing anyone in person these days. As long as you can’t see visible stink lines wafting off yourself, I think you’re sitting pretty.

I have to remind myself to brush my teeth. And feed the dogs. Did I already do that? I can’t remember. Days are running into each other. Is it only 1:30 pm? I’ve been awake for soooooooo long already.

Best of luck,

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