Dear Emily,

First of all I am grateful for you setting this up, thank you!

My question is what site is best for my family and I to all see and talk to each other live on Easter? Keep in mind my parents are not tech-savvy so it needs to be easy for them to use.



Dear Jamie,

I’m so glad you find my column entertaining and somewhat helpful. It’s nice to have something to do besides worry about my own problems during this crazy time in our lives.

Personally, I have limited experience with group video chat services. I hear Zoom is cool and free right now. You or one of your tech-savvy youngsters can set it up. Then you send a link and a code to those you want to join you. Finally, they click the link and enter the code to join. Pretty easy, I think, right?

There’s also a phone app called House Party that’s pretty easy to use. Just download the app on your tablet or phone and invite your friends to join. Then call them on the app to start a video group call.

Give it a try, if it fails, try something else. Figure it out as you go, trial and error – kind of like life right now.

Best of luck,

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