Dear Emily,

Do you have any idea how long unemployment takes?? And do you also know which day of the week unemployment is given?



Dear Melissa,

I’ve been listening to NPR on the daily for my information regarding the current state of the country. Things are a mess!

Based on what I last heard for California, UE offices are overloaded with requests. Understandably, this will push back the processing of claims, and who knows for how long. Of course, this has nothing to do with Nevada. However, this may become a pattern for all state systems. Wait, were you asking about Nevada or California? I probably should have asked where you were from. Oh well.

But back to the 4-11 on unemployment. Normally, if you filed and got approved, you’d get paid the following Monday. However, I believe all weekly filings must be completed by Sunday of the week you are filing for. But it’s taking several weeks longer to get initial claims processed and paid out. And of course, that all depends on whether the government runs out of money before you get paid.

I do recommend staying on time with your weekly filings regardless of if the checks are coming in yet. Because they will… or they may. When? No one has that answer.

Best of luck,

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