A SoundCloud rapper streamed a live concert from his basement Tuesday only to discover nobody had tuned in to view his stream.

Chris McGovern who goes by the name, “Crispity Crunch” announced on Monday that he would be streaming a live concert. The event was set to air Tuesday from his basement in Peoria, Illinois. He spent the next few days setting up a small laser and fog machine that his mother purchased for him at Guitar Center. Additionally, he strategically placed the “wicked” strobe light he got from Radio Shack when he was a child.

SoundCloud rapper "Crispity Crunch"
SoundCloud rapper “Crispity Crunch”

“I knew If this was gonna be good show I would need some effects and stuff ya know?”

Around 7:30 pm on Tuesday evening, he started a live SoundCloud stream. He began to perform songs he had written while playing the backing tracks off of a laptop computer. All the while, he streamed his concert via webcam. “I was performing my hit jam ‘Sizzurp at Sizzler’ that’s got like 120 plays on SoundCloud,” said McCovern.

At or around 9:27 pm, the smoke alarm began to go off from the fog machine exerting too much fog. Consequently, he had to stop the stream. McCovern later came back to check the stream stats only to find out not a single person had viewed. “I couldn’t believe it. Here I am playing all this fire music for free and nobody came to watch. Must have been like an internet problem or something.”