Dear Emily,

Do you think it is healthy to talk to yourself if you live alone?



Dear Live-a-Loner,

As a person who lives alone, and frequently talks out-loud whether I’m at home, in the car, or in a room full of people, it is most certainly healthy and normal to “talk to yourself.”

That is unless you have received specific orders from a doctor to not use your vocal cords unnecessarily. In that case, you just have to silently think to yourself. Which I have also had to do for a period of time in my life. That is much stranger psychologically than talking aloud to yourself. Because when you hear your voice aloud you only have one voice. But in your head, it can take on many other voices and it can get weird.

I think that in this time of self-isolation, being a loner is definitely all it is cracked up to be, and that includes talking to yourself.

Best of luck,

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