Dear Emily,

Should I invest my time into a person that doesn’t meet my soul mate criteria or should I not. Should I see if that person may meet me half way? This person makes me laugh uncontrollably but also has tendencies of being overzealous. Looking forward to your guidance.

Soul Mate Seeker


Dear Soul Mate Seeker,

The question you really should be asking yourself is, “what purpose does this person have in my life?” Are they merely for entertainment and killing time, or are they adding to the Interest and value of your life?

Does that matter to you? If it does, then perhaps this person should remain in the friends-only zone if you already know the soul mate dots are not connecting. 

You can spend time trying to meet people in the middle all damn day, only to find that you are the one who ends up lowering to meet them at their level. Often times, you may find this the case, rather than them stepping up to meet you where you’re at. What sounds better for you? Cause it definitely sounds like a good deal for him! Which is why I say, don’t.

Best of luck,

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