Dear Emily,

I’ve noticed since Coronavirus that being out of work, I’ve lost a small piece of my identity. Twiddling my fingers and being stuck at home has drawn attention to my serious lack of hobbies outside of work.

Have you experienced any revelations yourself during this social isolation period? What have you observed? Also, how can I best explore what motivates me outside of work and find new hobbies? On the bright side, I’m grateful to be going through this crisis now vs. after retirement. Find your why, right? What motivates you?

Twiddly Fingers


Dear Twiddly Fingers,

Sometimes what motivates me is very little, tbh. I’m a basic bitch.

Finding hobbies and interests as adults can be fun and challenging. We already know what we like and don’t, for the most part, right? It’s a good time to look at what you think you don’t like. Really ask yourself, “why haven’t I liked this or done this,” or “what’s keeping me from trying it out, just once?” Additionally, ask yourself if there are some social biases or someone else’s belief being imposed on you. If so, are you avoiding things you’ve wanted to do before for this reason?

If you know you like art, let’s say, and have painted before, how about trying something within that same vein but a new technique? Or if you like games, make your own board game to play with your friends once we can all hang out again. If you like reading, how about trying to write your own short stories or a memoir?

Looking at people that you admire, what kinds of hobbies are they into? Maybe look to those people for some ideas of where to look that you haven’t before.

Best of luck,

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