Dear Emily,

Do you think there is a Secret Space Program? If so, was it based on human ingenuity, or was there some sort of extraterrestrial influence (tech, archeological info, beings, etc.) involved in the creation of it?

Patiently awaiting your reply,


Dear Jos,

I love thinking about space. I love asking people if they would take a one way trip to space if given the opportunity. I have been writing to NASA for space photos since I was a kid learning to write letters. For as much Sci-Fi TV as I watch, I would think, and hope, there is a secret space program going on somewhere.

Considering there are most definitely aliens living among us, I would imagine it’s a combined effort between our two species. However, if I were an alien I would try to infiltrate the Secret Space Proram without the earthlings‘ knowledge…

Best of luck,

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