My cat is very demanding to me during the time of this quarantine. She has taken to meowing incessantly in my face at all hours of the night, demanding pets. She only likes to be pet in certain ways that require my full attention. Basically, She’s evolved into a 3-month old child experiencing sleep regression. She is 16 years old and I love her but I also love sleep! What’s a girl to do?

With gratitude,
Sleepless but Snuggled


Dear Sleepless but Snuggled,

My initial thoughts are, “don’t have a cat.” However, if that’s not an option, I guess you’re stuck, aren’t you? Actually though, I’m in a similar situation with my dogs. So both animal species seem to be going through the same thing right now. This thing I’m referring to is similar to classic traits of addictive behavior. They’re feisty and out of control! This must be squashed post haste!

Essentially, They have been getting too much of a good thing! With all us owners being home 24/7 for the past two to three weeks, they think they own the fucking place. They assume we’re just here to serve them and pet them and love them all damn day and night!

Well I say, no sir, no ma’am. Arm yourself! That’s what I recommend.

A $1 sprayer bottle from the dollar store will do the trick nicely. It’s been my method to gain extra minutes of sleep for the past several years and has become more useful now that ever before. I sleep with mine on the nightstand.

At first lick, paw tap, or bark… or in your case meow, grab the bottle and give it a warning shake. This should decrease feisty levels significantly. However, should the nagging for snuggles and pets persists, a single spray in the general direction of the animal should startle them enough to pause and think about their behavior. Continue to spray as needed for defense. If all else fails, put in some earplugs and wrap yourself up tightly with lots of blanket layers for protection.

Best of luck,

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