In a new press release, K-Y, the leader in women’s sexual health, announced they are changing the game again! Just in time for the celebration of Passover, the personal lubricant producer rolled out their new line of kosher-certified silicone and water-based sex jellies. The company promises that this new product line will completely redefine the potential for Jewish women to experience sexual pleasure in the bedroom.

According to science experts, it’s not uncommon for Jewish women to associate sex with guilt and shame. And that’s not all. According to K-Y, Jewish women are significantly less likely to climax than women of other faiths. In fact, less than 4% of Jewish women have an orgasm during sex. That’s where K-Y comes in.

“We’re a brand that empowers women to have better sex by taking it from disappointingly-subpar to overly-tolerable,” said K-Y marketing director Aliza Leferink. “K-Y promises our line of kosher lubricants is the solution Jewish women have been longing for.”

Rabbi Shlomo Klein

Rabbi Shlomo Klein of Organized Kashrut Laboratories (OK Labs) oversaw the certification process. “While every personal lubricant offers sexual fulfillment, certain lubes have the capacity to provide us with spiritual fulfillment as well. The Torah allows us to use certain lubricants, not because they are healthy for our body, but because they are healthy for our soul.”

K-Y stated that they have plans to release an entire line of flavored kosher lubricants in the near future. This savory assortment will including products like Gefilte Goddess, Challah Me Later, Matzah Loving, and Knish & Tell.