By now you may have seen that states are slowly starting to reopen. It’s time to save the economy and get people back to work. And personally, I’m all for this. But it’s not enough. Let’s do this faster! You need to get your life back to normal.

We need to save the economy, and we need to stop being scared of something that’s not even a big deal. People die all the time! Car accidents, getting hit by trains, the flu, falling into the Grand Canyon, etc. You name it, someone has probably died from it. Yet, nobody bitches, freaks out, or puts on masks.

So why then are we all sitting at home? Because the government told us to? Who are they? They’re just a bunch of people like you and me. What gives them the authority to tell us what to do? A piece of paper? You’re really going to let someone tell you what to do because they have a piece of paper? Get things back to normal before we’re all screwed!

Economic Turmoil

The economy is in shambles because nobody is going outside. Go get out there, shop, go to bars and restaurants! Live your life folks! This is all total bullshit. There’s nothing to be scared of. Except for Facism!

We’ve been through this before and survived. You’re here, aren’t you? That means someone who lived back in the day survived and had your parents or grandparents and that led all the way to you.

Doctors are over exaggerating this because they are paid to. It’s true. There are several videos about it that are being taken down from Facebook and YouTube because they don’t want you to see them. Who are they? They don’t want you to know, because if you did you would be so angry right now.

So remember. You can’t live in fear forever. There’s an economy to save. And trust me, if you don’t get back to normal soon, we’re going to see the death toll far surpass any of the fake numbers the fake news media has been pushing on us.

Also if someone could pick a few things up for me at the grocery store, that would be great. I’m not going out right now. There’s a fucking virus!