Late Monday evening, the police, fire department, and REMSA EMTs were called out to a home in Sun Valley, NV. Apparently, the home had erupted into flame after a clandestine toilet paper lab had exploded; shaking the neighborhood and causing a number of nearby mobile homes to fall apart.

clandestine lab equipment
Complex equipment found in Sun Valley lab

Upon arrival, it was discovered that the hidden manufacturing operation was producing enough black market toilet paper to supply the entirety of Washoe County. Police discovered a number of high and low-grade toilet paper strengths while searching the premises. Shockingly, authorities cataloged 1-ply, 2-ply, 3-ply, luxury extra soft, unbleached, and bamboo varieties in the home.

In fact, after conducting a full assessment of the property, it is assumed that the operation may have supplied product to upwards of 36 stores in the Reno/Sparks region. Authorities claim this operation may have been in full force for the past three months.

“This was an unpermitted, black-market operation in violation of both federal and state laws,” said Special Agent Joseph McCracken. “It posed a significant danger of fire and environmental contamination to the community of Sun Valley – a place where families live and wildlife thrives.”

clandestine toilet paper

Community Safety Measures

As per safety protocol, the local HAZMAT team was called out to clean up the clandestine laboratory. Reno police have taken two men into custody. Two others have been transported to Renown Regional Medical Center‘s burn ward. They are in critical condition and are not expected to survive.

“People doing this expose their entire neighborhoods to explosion and fires,” said a representative from the Reno Police Department. “There’s an extreme risk of explosion, property damage, severe burns, and death. And that doesn’t take into account the number of families who may have received dangerous or inferior quality product. People could have died.”

Meanwhile, authorities have begun conducting investigations into stores that were carrying the illicit products. Time will tell if further arrests will be made.

It’s Your Duty

If you know of anyone producing black market toilet paper, please call and report it to the Reno Police Department at (775) 334-2121. You may remain anonymous by letting the dispatcher know you wish to go unnamed.